CarbON B

In the search for sustainable agriculture and the fight against the threat of soil infertility and the food crisis, carbon management has emerged as an important, albeit forgotten, method. Experts have recognized the urgency of the situation and are now calling for a paradigm shift in agricultural practices to tackle the soil carbon problem that has plagued the industry for years.

Traditionally, farmers have resorted to burning crop residues and waste to improve soil fertility with biocarbon. However, this age-old practice has inadvertently led to environmental pollution through the release of carbon emissions. Surprisingly, agriculture is responsible for a third of global non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions

Researchers believe that the sector's emissions can be reduced by up to 50 percent by 2050 if agricultural practices are changed and diets are designed to minimize the consumption of meat and dairy products.

In response to this urgent need, TerraGreen has established itself as a pioneer in this field, specializing in the infusion of biocarbon into the soil. The company has recently launched a ground-breaking product, CarbON B, which is set to revolutionize soil carbon management.

TerraGreen has partnered with payAgri Innovations Pvt Ltd to introduce CarbON B in Indian and global agriculture. This strategic partnership aims to make CarbON B accessible to farmers globally, thereby addressing the urgent need for sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices

CarbON B represents a quantum leap in soil carbon enrichment and offers farmers a viable alternative to traditional methods that are detrimental to both the environment and soil health. Leveraging the expertise of TerraGreen and the reach of payAgri Innovations Pvt Ltd, the innovative biocarbon product is poised to transform the agricultural landscape.

This signals a promising shift towards a farming approach that prioritizes sustainability and environmental consciousness. In the face of the challenges posed by climate change, such initiatives bring a glimmer of hope, demonstrating how creative solutions can lead to a more eco-friendly and robust future in agriculture.

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